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Death is a Disease

Free the mind

from the limitations of the body

We age, get sick, die, forget, can’t compute fast enough, get uncontrollably depressed, and the list goes on.

We can only operate within certain temperature and pressure ranges and other environmental constraints. We can't see things beyond the visible spectrum or have any precise control of how resources in our brain are organized.

Some of these are problems we can tackle today; others are left for an optimistic future, but nonetheless the goal is the same: through engineering and science, to design and discover methods by which we can recover missing/damaged functions and augment ourselves with new ones.

Blog Posts
Closing the biotech/AI loop at the source: the individual

6 min

As I transitioned from software engineering and AI to bioengineering, I was immediately struck by the incredible power of the tools...


Call for large-scale neuroscience effort

5 min

When the first human set foot on the surface of the moon in 1969, 125 million people, or roughly 62% of the population of the US, had...



Blood Immune Cell Profiling from Small Volumes using Sequencing


Engineering viruses to deliver gene therapy to targeted cell populations



Robotic Framework for Neuroprosthetics

Improving EEG brain-computer interface usability

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