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Blood Immune Cell Profiling from Small Volumes using Sequencing

Tatyana Dobreva
David Brown

The human immune system is dynamic and unique to each individual. In order to better understand it and bring insights directly to the people, we are building an out-of-clinic single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) platform using self-collected human capillary blood.

From this work we started ImYoo, where we are working to make rich, molecular data from a part of day-to-day health.

In order to understand how the human immune system changes throughout the day and across diverse populations of people, we have engineered a platform which allows us to see what the different white blood cells in your body are doing from a self-collected capillary blood device (100 microliters). DNA is your blueprint, but RNA is the readout of your cell's activity right now. By sequencing what the individual cells in your blood are producing over time, we can understand what makes your immune system unique in its response to normal day activities, as well various adversities.


Check out ImYoo's home page to see what we're up to.

Explore the data from our platform validation study

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