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Creative Collaboration

Power in individual ideas;

strength in numbers

As individuals, we all have great ideas. But the ideas that end up making an impact, that have the potential to transform the world, require the input, feedback and hard work of many others. Ideas don't survive in isolation; they must be heard, critiqued, and believed in to gain the traction they need to persist.

We work to find and implement better ways of balancing hierarchy and individual creativity to achieve greater collective power. Through outreach, developing structured group dynamics, and organizing group activities, we can coordinate and inspire people to enable new ideas to come to fruition.

Blog Posts
Leader Day: Eliminating low-risk decision paralysis in group settings

5 min

"Where do you guys want to go for food?" "Oh, there is a really good Chinese place with--" "No! We did Chinese last week, how about the...



Book of Science Short Stories

3 Minute Video Workshop

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