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3 Minute Video Workshop

Tatyana Dobreva
David Brown

Sharing the impact of your projects is essential to growing them. Being able to communicate what you're working on and why you're passionate about it imprints it in others' minds.
We designed and executed on a 3-minute Video Workshop to teach Caltech graduate students to communicate both their science and their personality.

This short and intense 3-minute video workshop gets graduate-level researchers hands-on experience in getting out of their research presentation comfort zone and in front of a camera, developing creative language to communicate their science to a more general audience. It teaches skills that will make them mindful of their audience and structure their talk in an efficient, effective manner, and gives them tangible creative output after only a few work sessions. Students who participated in this workshop have since then used the skills obtained in lab presentations, conferences, and were able to showcase their work to both peers and a non-technical audience. 


Chen Institute Sponsored 3 Minute Video Workshop Stories

Everything you need to run the 3 Minute Video Workshop at your school!

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