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David Brown

Our digital selves are fragmented and owned by thousands of companies and organizations around the world. We've been working on different ways to tackle this problem, and bring the individual back in control of their data.

If we hope to one day have highly functional virtual assistants, or high fidelity digital representations of ourselves, we want these entities to be under our individual control. Imagine having to buy your virtual self from a company. How bizarre would that be?

This is the problem we're trying to fix. For the full call to action, check out this blog post:

Representing our digital selves will require a very flexible data infrastructure, such as dynamic databases that can create new relations on-demand. It will require solving all sorts of very hard problems, such as how to represent complete knowledge, and how to have a scalable way for every node to discover and connect to every other node, and how to structure ownership and permissions, and on and on. There's far too much written on this topic to hope to cover it here.

If you're interested in chatting, contact us:


Full nodejs front and backend code to self-host dijido

Generic back-end code for nodejs/mongo objects

Our original concept for a start-up in this space

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